lost dog

The lost dog


“Come back,” I say to my dog as he runs away from me. I chase after him as he gets faster and faster. He gos through cars and across streets. “Which way is the shops” I panted as I see the shops. I go in and look for him in the fruit section. He wasn’t there so I go to the aisles and look for him. He wasn’t in aisles one to five. I rush to the last aile to see if he is there and he was licking the ice cream. I grab and him and go back home.

2 thoughts on “lost dog”

  1. Hi Cooper,

    Good job this week! I especially enjoyed the building of tension and panic at the beginning of your story as your character can’t seem find their dog, only for him to be eating ice-cream in the shops! Overall, you had a smooth, flowing narrative and I thought that this was really fun to read!

    Well done,
    Anna (Team 100WC)

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